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All-Natural Conditioner Bar. Citrus. Eco-Friendly.

All-Natural Conditioner Bar. Citrus. Eco-Friendly.

Glowing Ethereal

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  • Our all-natural, high-quality ingredients nourish your hair from the roots to the tips. Our amazing bars last up to 40+ washes. Safe for Kids, Men, and Women.
  • Zero-waste! Eco-friendly. Sulfate-Free. Silicone-Free. Paraben-Free. Cruelty-Free. Synthetic-Free (color, fragrance, additives). No GMOs. No harmful Ingredients. No foam boosters. Alcohol and petroleum-free. No detergents.
  • Lather the bar in your hands or directly on your head and use it like most shampoos. This fantastic bar lasts up to 8 weeks of daily use. 
  • Parabens-free. Phthalate-free. Synthetic fragrance-free. Silicone-free. Sulfate-free.The balanced blend of shea butter, lemon extract, and aloe vera is refreshing, conditioning, and moisturizing.
  • Our effective conditioner formula makes it suitable for all hair types. We use lemon essential oil for its well-known properties without the overpowering scent. No fragrance. Just clean & nourish hair and scalp.

List of ingredients: Shea butter, cocoa butter, plant-based wax, honey, soy lecithin, panthenol, cornstarch, hydrolyzed collagen, citric acid, vinegar, Vit. E, and lemon essential oil.

Weight: 2.1oz.

Dimensions: 2.7"x 2.7"x1.1"

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